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YES!! We get to another one of my FAVORITE topics..."situationships"

For those of you who dont know what a "situationship" is, i will give you

MY definition for one...not anyone elses'

Situationship- a relationship between two people that involves hanging out, affection, sex and feelings for one another WITHOUT a title involved. An agreement between two people to enjoy each other's company and time without being committed to one another. A situationship does not have to involve all of the aspects mentioned above...but it most definitely CANNOT involve a title of any sort.

Ahhhh, we finally get to talk about a subject that almost EVERYONE has a different opinion on!! And one thing i love is a good debate between the sexes...

So many times in my life have i had to put up with a guy saying he "doesnt want a title"...mind you i hardly ever ask for one lol but i guess they just thought they should let me know. So, as a female i have experienced a plethora of different "situationships" all that depended on the person i was dealing with. Some didn't involve sex, some didnt involve emotions and others involved everything a relationship would...without it actually being called a relationship.

It can go both ways in the "situationship"...it can very well be the man pressing the woman (or whatever your preference) being together and putting a title on something. Whichever way it does go though...it still occurs very much. I've heard more and more of my friends saying they have a "boo" or a "FWB (friend with benefits) than i have heard them say they actually were in a committed relationship with someone.

Now i know everyone isnt going to just jump into something head first without getting to know someone. To me, that isnt where the "situationship" starts...that is a courtship. The "situationship" starts when you notice that you've been "dealing with" the same person for 1 yr+ and yall still havent even discussed being together.

Some people are cool with that...at times i'm cool with it too...but what happens when one catches feelings and one doesnt? Where does the "situationship" go from there? And should these stipulations be discussed when you first enter into something...or after the person starts catching feelings??

Granted, i used to be the poster child for "situationships" because i have the mentality of a dude...or had. I liked to keep everyone as a "close friend" so that no one would think they had me as a girlfriend or anything of that sort. I still am an avid supporter of the "situationship", i just think its gotten a bit too...how can i put this?...wide spread for me lol

My only real questions are (although you can answer any i have had during my brainstorm) is...what is YOUR definition of a "situationship" and how does it differ from an actual relationship to you? Have you ever been in one? And would you prefer a "situationship" over a relationship...and why?

Last but not least...what would make you want to move from a "situationship" into a relationship? And vice versa?
_Ms Simpson_


Vegas International said...

a situationship is the same thing as a relationship, the only difference in not in the actual relationship, but the get out of jail free card that the dominant in the relationship has. He/She can be like, i told you i didnt want to get serious! Basically, you are always supposed to know that there is a trap door, and one wrong step and the whole bottom can fall out from underneath you!!

Vegas International said...

ohhhh, we have all been in situationships, whether you want to believe it or not!

Mr.Getz Bizzy said...

Ok, I am in one of those...
But like since we don't have a title I felt the need to still see other people, she'd find out and be mad as hell, I wouldn't even understand the shit. If you're not even my girl why are you mad? She go because I'm fuckin you and I'm with you everyday.... BUT YOU DON'T WANT THE TITLE SO STFU! and let me do me and you... Ya feel?

**trucee writer** said...

ur crazy! lmao...i feel you though. alot of females do that...thats why im honest when im with dudes...either i want to work towards a relationship or i dont...i refuse to have the blind leading the blind in anything lol

Mr.Getz Bizzy said...

Word to mother because I seriously hate to have my time wasted, it's very limited so don't toy with it. If it's going to be real, make it known, if you just want a joy ride, that's fine too but let me know before I get my self involved to deep.

Patron Pay said...


Nice word....horrible meaning tho. I dont like to be in those cause there is always some kinda catch involved. What im trying to say is like there is always the option of "ohh I am seeing this other dude"...."i had sex with this dude lastnight"...."i met someone at the club"....worst of em all "im thinking about giving this dude a shot what u think" ?

If my feelings are involve then Im going to want more then just that situation. But its called that cause there is a "situation" at hand. Which is always causing you not to be with that person.

- feelings aint all there
- person wants to be optimistic
- another person involved
- issue going on with the other party which wont allow yal to be together
- or something you just WONT EVER KNOW

There is always a catch so it doesnt sit comfortable with me so when Im in that situation shit I back out to spare my feelings

I wont give the meaning cause honestly you got it right on the nose. But I wouldnt prefer a situationship over a real relationship if my feelings was odee involved. Unless its not that serious and both parties can see eye to eye then I have no problem with it. One thing I cant stand about it is it lacks respect for each other.

I would def not want to be in 1
AND if I was in one there would be rules
Or just 1 rule "complete honesty"

Ill pick a relationship over that anyday tho

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