Ode To The Haters...

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(yall thought i was joking about this blog...nope)

this may be more to the female readers...but somehow i feel like guys will be able to relate also.


Of course for those who read the last two blogs, you see that i have somewhat of a stalker "following" my blogs on here and on myspace. Now, i'm not new to the female hater...i just thought that with age, the nonsense and silly shit would stop.

I know all my female readers can feel me on this on at least some level...
Whenever you are happy in a relationship and enjoying your loved one and everything is going as planned...here comes the "hater" trying to ruin things and make them more difficult and even sometimes trying to break up what you have so that they can get involved with your dude. Usually this is ok if they're just doing small little things trying to get under your skin...but then there are times when it gets to this point...where they follow the things you do and start stalking and harrassing you about your dude being with them and claiming then when in reality...you have NO idea who the chick is lol
Here are some points that i can make about the "follower" or "hater":

1. It's usually a girl who used to or wants to get dicked down by the guy you are seeing and feels like you are getting "what's theirs". Most of these chicks are delusional and take things such as AIM and MySpace to a level of actually KNOWing the guy. They feel like the MyHotComments and little comments under pics means that the dude wants them when in reality...he's just a flirt and probably has sent them the same message as a million other chicks on there.

2. Now i wont even put this on solely the female just being crazy...many guys feel the need to gas up every chick they meet and make them feel important and like they have a special place in their lives. The common, average chick takes this and runs with it. There are many cases where the dude will front like he is oblivious to what this girl is talking about when in actuality, he's been filling her head with nonsense all along.

3. Much like my stalker...most of these females make themselves "anonymous" because they know that if the dude knew the shit they were trying to pull...they'd be cut off (if your man had any respect for you...mine had none for me so this kind of stuff was cute to him for some reason). If he has respect though and finds out...then its a wrap for this chick so like my stalker, she must remain anonymous and keep a low profile as far as being founf out is concerned. Another reason she's anonymous could be because she's extremely pussy and doesnt want any problems unless it's through an alternate identity (which is why i just stopped responding lol)

4. ALOT of these females (if you are dating a dude who is popular in some sort of way) fall "in love" with your dudes alter ego. Much like Beyonce and/or most celebrities, alot of popular dudes have a personality when they are dealing with fans and groupies...and then they have their real selves that only family, close friends and of course the girlfriend, fiancee or wife sees. My ex just so happens to be very sexy and has a personality of a "bad boy" and not giving a fuck...ALOT of females are attracted to this bc they see the body, get the pic comments from him and flirt with him...so they feel a connection with the person...but only on that level. If you were to ask these same females your dudes REAL WHOLE name, his favorite color, something else he likes to do besides what they picked up on myspace, facebook or crushspot or even what his parents names are or how many siblings they have/had...the girl would draw the quickest blank face. This is because they have fallen in like with "LoverManDee"instead of David Lamar Brown (example names lmao). Its a sad sad case and sometimes the dude eats it up bc he's confused who he is with this multiple personality. (this is why baby girl put Ms. Patron Pay as i stated i would rather be MRS. C--- B------)

5. ALOT of guys deal with this too! When certain guys have been with a female that puts it on them better than anyone else, but doesnt want to be with them, their whole world turns upside down and they actually step outside of themselves and contact the person's significant other and try to shit on what they have. WHY would you do that?? Especially as a guy bc that seems like such a bitchy, catty thing to do. To me, that shows low self esteem and just extreme catiness.

In my personal case of dealing with the stalker, i have the anonymous chick who tried to come in between a relationship (of two people who arent even together) after following my every word and doing research and then creating and coming up with assumptions that best fit their "case" they wanted to make. Did this message bother me? Yes, because it was done on a blog created for business purposes. And no, because this girl who is the "real deal" cant even state her actual name which means...maybe she isnt being claimed at all. Did it make me question him? No, i actually just told him what happened, we had a discussion about why bitches are crazy and we kept it moving. I even told him not to try to figure out who it was bc he's still my baby and it wouldn't matter anywayz.

Now i'm sure this girl feels that bc i'm not on his top that i'm not being the only one "claimed" as she said...but Lord knows i have let MySpace dictate too much of my life as is...and it really doesnt determine much at all. I know my placein his life and i know what it is/was with us so that whole comment onmy blog was actually pointless (except that it made for a good blog entry...thank you mamas :)

To sum it all up...i'm just curious is anyone has gone through this before: where a random girl/dude has hit up your wifey/hubbie and tried to throw a wrench in your project with them??? How did the situation unfold? What were the end results??

(thank you to you for writing that last comment on the entry my love...cuz whoever it is definitely DOES need to get a life! lol)

Apologies to My True Readers

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Dear Blog Family,

Quite recently ...trucee... was infected with a stalker. Because of this, we were forced to filter all of our comments, being that this is for business purposes and not for people to show their asses. We will continue to write blogs for our readers and hopefully continue to get the same support we've been getting. Sorry for the inconvenience, we are just trying to ensure that ...trucee... is only used for the purpose it was designed for...and not for this petty, childish, immature mess that one lonely female is trying to infect our blog with.

You are still able to comment on whatever you want, it just has to be approved by Serita or myself now. This wont take long considering we both have access to the site, so please keep sharing your opinions and asking questions that you would like answered.

-Ms. Simpson & Ms. Sophisticated :)

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