Do You Know What You Want In A Mate???

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"i like nice eyes"

"i love guys with nice bodies"

"i hate it when females wear excessive amounts of make-up"

"i'm attracted to light-skinned guys"

everyone reading this blog has said something similar to one of these things, but is the person you describe as your preference really who you end up with??

When i was younger i used to sit down and write lists of all the physical qualities that i'd want in my significant other. Some of them included that he be dark-skinned, have braids or a neat cut, be taller than me, know how to dress and that he have nice eyes and a nice smile.

As i got older, my list changed EVERY single time. Something about my preferences ALWAYS changed and it made me think...does it really matter what our preferences are because no one really goes by them. If you were to ask me today what kind of guy i liked, my answer would be SO simple....

one that makes me laugh.

no, that's not ALL i want in my mate but it is the single first thing that i am attracted to. i dont care how good you look and if you meet every single preference that i have...if our personalities clash, it's NOT gonna work out.

If you took every guy i used to date or deal with on a level deeper than sex...NONE of these guys would look the do i really have a preference. Now that i'm getting older, my preferences seems to be very different. i find myself more attracted to light skinned guys, bald guys, taller guys. But if a dark skinned dude with dreds that was the same height as me had me cracking up the first time we met...i'm gonna give him a chance.

I'd much rather live my life full of meaningful convos, laughter and being able to relate to who i end up with in the long run...then to sit there and just have a nigga i can look at who has a nasty attitude and no respect.

but trust...if i could combine BOTH...woooo weeee!!

i actually found someone who possessed all the INNER qualities i want in a man (& Lord knows he keeps me DYING LAUGHING) well as the OUTER beauty (because he is FINE!!)...just waiting for time and God to do their work ;-)

but anywho: Do you have any preferences? If so, how long have you had them and have they ever changed? Are looks or personality more important to you? Or are they both equally necessary in your relationships???


Vegas International said...

The people you fuck with are almost always "your type" ... the people you end up with, usually take you by suprise.

Vegas International said...

i like em tall / dark / straight teeth / and atleast some college education ...

at an adolescent age i wanted lightskin / fatbooty and big breast (up until JHS, maybe Freshman Year)

Looks are extremely important to me, call me shallow if you like, but if i cant look at you and be like, damn my bitch is bad, it wont ever work out.

I dont really understand what "personality" means?

Reggie said...


Peggy M. said...

I agree with V, you typically end up with someone who wasn't really your exact type.

Younger, I was into a specific kinda guy ... now my taste varies.

Rita said...

LOL, Gosh... Vegas, you and my man would be best friends because I swear thats EXACTLY how he thinks! "Gotta be with a bad bitch" LOL. But I dont think its shallow. Gotta have someone on ya arm that's gonna compliment you :)


My preference has changed somewhat over the years. I just always wanted a sexy, tall, dark chocolate man that could dress his ass off. That was my main goal (when I was a bit younger). But now its like, I just want a man that can treat me right, make me laugh & love me through the good AND bad, and make me feel like a QUEEN. Yes, looks are very important to me too because of course I want someone thats gonna compliment me in every way (and be easy on my eyes LOL). Plus, gotta have a killer swagga... cant have no lame nigga LOL.

Mr.Getz Bizzy said...

I prefer someone with a natural look, light skin, slim, curly or long hair, spontaneous, educated but yet deeply rooted and someone that hasn't been around the block too many times BUT, I'D SETTLE FOR A CUTE CHICK, THAT HAS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, NOT FAKE OR PHONY, THAT'S GONE RIDE FOR ME. Everybody claims oh I could be your ride or die but the moment the shit falls down, the broad is gone, fuck the look's, I need stability. Halle Berry wouldn't be shit to me if she couldn't ride for me.

Patron Pay said...

Im not picky....All I dont stand for is someone who dont respect me as a man. Everything else falls into play....

My old type...
Dark skin girl
Thin waste
Nice ass
Long hair
Sexi legs
Attitude from hell (i love attitudes)
Funny and respectable

NOW im just all over the place....I HAVENT HAD 1 DARKSKIN GIRLFRIEND IN MORE THEN 6 Years thats crazy cause I never wanted a liteskin girl. But im not picky nor judge-mental. I just want someone that satisfies me physically, mentally and emotionally and im good to go.

For the record me and my old type clash now for some odd reason...idk why but we do

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