Dear 2008 (written by Ms Simpson)

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Dear 2008,

Before i even begin this letter (and this may seem selfish because i'm writing to you 08) but i HAVE to thank GOD for waking me up everyday of this year that is about to pass. You were good to me 08, but i wouldn't have seen any of you without the man upstairs.

When i first sat down to write to you, i wasn't sure where to start because this year has had SO many ups and downs, that i thought it may be impossible to even fit it all in one letter. I'm going to do the best i can to let you know what issues and excitements that you brought me in this year, hopefully none of it offends you 08.

Coming out of 07, i actually had NO idea how my year would turn out. I came out of 07 in school, with a job, with loving family and friends, and with a man whom i loved/love dearly. I was always told to end my year the way i wanted it to start for the next one, and this advice wasn't too far fetched. My year ended with me kissing the lips of the man that i love more than anything, Cory Buckley. Surrounding that kiss though, was drama, drama, drama!!! (oh, and more drama). So because i ended 07 with the man i love and surrounded by drama...i believe THAT is the sole reason that my year, yes you 08, turned out the way it did. I stayed right by this man's side...and yes, there was oodles and oodles of drama to fill the year up! No, i'm not blaming him for the drama, although he was some of the cause, i'm just saying that the way you end your year, may truly be how you spend the next one (but thats just a rumor i've heard lol)

Let me see, i have some bones to pick with you 08. I went through some pretty rough times throughout this year. I was kicked out my house, felt like the world was against me at one point and was a participant and innocent bystander to all different types of drama!! How could you let this happen 08? How could you allow my life to go downhill in so many ways?? There were days i felt like i just wouldnt be able to take it anymore, like the world may be a better place without know? I dont blame you 08 but damn...why couldnt you hold me down a little bit stronger than that?? I went through my fair share of heart ache...made some terrible decisions and even had my whole family against me at one point. I just dont understand why things happened this way 08!

On the flip side though, i cant beat you up too did hold me down VERY much this year also! If anyone knew me well before this year, then they can tell you that i have changed and become such a better person. I'm doing things i never used to do. I used to fear change and didn't think it would help me progress, only make me...different. I'm not different though, i am the same person i have ALWAYS been, just a new and improved version. A version that i love!! I've matured, i've become a better thinker, i've made much better decisions and i've become much more focused onmy goals and what is important to me. To say i am proud of myself is an understatement because despite what else has gone on around me, i found ways to not let it effect me in a negative way...and turned most things into positives!! Some people may have already reached this level in their lives 08...but for me, its something new...and definitely not something i will ever take advantage of.

My strength...physical, mental and emotional...has become SO much stronger. I am able to handle situations that i couldn't before. If you are a close friend, then you know i am a bit emoitonal. I have found ways to not be so dependant on emotions and to think things through more than i have in the past. Growth feels good and best believe it made me that much sexier hehehehe.

As far as school 08, yes...i am STILL in school, which pisses me off more than anyone can even imagine but i am confident that God has this in His plans and there is a reason for it. I dont blame anyone else, not even you 08 because my mistakes were made in the past before i even met you. 08, you're actually the reason i got my shit together! i havent gotten anything below a B- since i've met you and i thank you for giving me the inspiration to do that! I plan to continue doing what i need to because the road is almost at its end! I'm waiting IMpatiently to see my family member's faces when i get that diplomat handed to me!!! It will be one of the happiest days of my life...real talk.

As far as work 08...i LOVE my damn job. HELL NO, i dont like serving people...hellll nO!!!but i do love my co-workers and how much fun i have whenever i work. Staff holiday party was...interesting. Thank God everyday for blessing me with a family that knows the importance of "code switching" and not every aspect of their lives was revolved around some hood shit...smdh. Pays to be able to switch your speech in certain environments and situations...a lesson i will teach my kids!

08, i would especially like to thank you for bringing me closer to my family! Granted, i also had some rough times with them but in the end, it all worked out and they still love me and hol dme down like no other! i couldnt have asked for a better family. Congrats on my sis being engaged also...08 made her happy with that one, you sneaky devil you! lmao

Ah, and on to my wonderful, amazing, breath-taking man! Mr. Cory Buckley...what would i do without you baby??? No like, for real! I DONT CARE what we have been through, you have helped me discover a side of myself that i never even knew existed! All the change i talked about, i owe alot of that to you! The relationship we have, opinion doesnt matter, how other people feel doesnt matter...its just you and me against the world!! i LOVE that feeling! Oh my bad, im supposed to be talking to 08. Well 07/08 THANK YOU for bringing this man into my life! I found someone JUST like myself who i can see myself sharing the rest of my life with. 08, i feel like you tapped into a part of me that i felt i had lost when you did this...when you helped me find my soulmate!!! I couldn't thank you enough because if there is ONE thing i will remember and cherish about my year...HE is IT! hehehehe :-*

To sum my year was...hmmm ok. 08, there are times you let me down and times you built me up. There is one thing i can say about you 08 that i respect...
you never, ever, ever left my side. Everytime i turned around...08, you were right there! Every problem i went through, every issue and obstacle i had to overcome, every happy moment i never judged me or took any time away from me...

08, you did the best thing that i could have ever even asked for...

you led me to 09!!! ;-)
it was fun while it lasted 08...but as of 12am on January 1st 2009...
i gotta say goodbye.

i hope you understand.

Tanya S. Simpson


Peggy M. said...

absolutely love it.

damn... i don't know where to start mine... lol.

Social Disaster said...

It seems that last year brought you to a place you never thought you would end up and yet it still seems to have worked out for the best. Good luck as you enter "09".

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