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vulgar title...i know, but if i'm going to talk about "head", then i'm going to have to be a bit vulgar. i was sitting listening to a conversation on the train the other day between two girls. one of them happened to say out here mouth...LOUDLY...that she had, for the first time, given her man head. that's not what bothered me because i have NO clue how long she was with dude. the thing that got under my skin, was that the friend was downright disgusted with the idea of "head" altogether.

i'm not gonna lie, i used to think giving head was the most foul thing on this earth and would break up with a dude before i even gave it a single thought. needless to say i was young then (not that i am old now) so i'll say, i was youngER.

Now a days i am actually shocked that there are females OR MALES that do not support the cause of oral pleasure. in 2009 there are still people appauled by giving head. come on people...we have a black president now...its time for CHANGE.

Some people may be disgusted by my POV but guess what...those are probably the same chicks that wonder why their man is tip toeing off in the middle of the night to "The Bitch That Will" (shamless plug for Real Talk, Real Women...Straight Understanding"...great blog btw). But yeah ladies, we gotta get with it!!! The overall idea of it may seem disgusting or revolting but i have never had a problem wanting to satisfy why i was with...and i havent had too many boyfriends who didn't like getting head. hell, i havent had any who didn't.

NO i am NOT saying to just go insert any erect oenis into your mouths ladies but at least hold your damn man or "situationship" down!!!

Now to my gentlemen...cause please believe you were not going to get by without being mentioned. how the hell are there guys who dont give head still??? i mean, you not even gonna try? there are dudes in this world that have perfected the art of giving head...and you havent even been in the region? so so crazy to me.

Questions: if you do give head, did you feel negatively about it before and changed your mind? or have you always been ok with it? If you dont, what are the reasons? Do you know any guys/ladies who still dont give head?

feel free to be anonymous...i know some are shy about this or dont want their business out there...i just really want some opinions on this.

*Ms Simpson*


Reggie said...

This should be something YOU want to do at the end. You look at yourself as ask if you ready, your views and can you be proud of "YOU" at the long run. You are your motherfucking star player and giving head is a choice not a force!!!:)


Mr.Getz Bizzy said...

The first time I gave a girl head was when I was 16 in my mother's bathroom downstairs and I thought it was the worst thing in the world. As I got older, more advanced and became more open within my sexual desire's, learning how to play and lick the clit to make her shit cream, it became my next best thing and advanced skill. I love to recieve head and give it, it's the quivering part that really gives me a thrill, making someone that weak makes my damn day. IF I DIDN'T DO IT THEN THE NEXT BROTHA WOULD!!!

myssmodelstar said...

of course when I was younger I thought it was the nastiest thing in the WORLD && I was one of those girls who said I would never do it, but when I did it && I saw how much he enjoyed it I started to like it more && more.

There is nothing else in this world better than watching the one you love; enjoy and down right LOVE the fact that your slurp'n && burp'n lol.

Peggy M. said...

aww ... thanks for the "shameless" plug on RTRW ... ( for anyone who's interested, since you didn't link

Moving right along...

Yes, I also thought this was the nastiest thing in the world and would gag [pun intended] just from the thought of it. Then I grew up and realized that as long as you're safe in your practices, then you're good. I also realized that sex ain't shit without some oralities. I looove to please my man in this fashion. It's something about his reaction and feedback while I'm in motion that gets to me...

**trucee writer** said...

sheesh, you make me sound as if i am pressuring people lol...i am fully aware that every decision in this aspect will be by just in shock that its even still a decision to be made by some. and for those who choose not to do it at curious as to why they made that choice

lmfao at the Katt Williams quote! LOVE IT!

**trucee writer** said...

Mr. Getz Bizzy:
I hear that response from guys alot...that their first time was their worst time & they never thought they'd travel into that zone again lol. but see, its not that bad lmao

plus you're last quote was on the money!!!

**trucee writer** said...


just wanted to lmfao @ slurp'n and burp'n


**trucee writer** said...

Peggy M.:

you're quite welcome & in case no one got that's ;-)
dont worry, i got ya! lol

and yes, my man's reaction is what keeps me going. thats actually all i pay attention to. i dont even think i pay attention to what i am actually doing lol...just that he is happy and in turn will probably make me even happier in return hehehe
and no, i dont think sex would be much without the "oralities"...four play is key...passion is key!!! what would a world be like without them???
i dont wanna know yikes!

Rita said...

Since i'm a co-writer and dont wanna make you look crazy Tanya, i'll use my AIM name instead LOL


I think when the epidemic of head first started, everyone or at least most thought it was the most disgusting thing on earth. Shit, I used to think I'd die from giving head. Wasn't putting my mouth NOWHERE near that thing LOL. But as i've gotten older, I realize that things HAVE changed and of course if you dont please the man you with, that fool will find the next to do so. And like ms. angie said, its nothing more fun then watchin the man you love get overly excited by the choking, slurpin, etc... lol

As far as a man giving head, that man should be ASHAMED of himself. Shit, I aint spend all that time choking for you to sit there and not reciproate. the least you can do is go deep sea diving for at least 15 to 30 mins :)

Vegas International said...

There is no such thing as a woman that wont give head ... she just wont give head to you! With the right bedroom manner or whatever you want manner you can have a woman open to do whatever! However, this might come as a shock, but i usually dont like to get head like that b/c Its just hasnt been the same since my HS days. Too many botched jobs on my cock. I ususally take a sampling (if that) and just pass from then on or just avoid the situation all together.

Ashamed?? I have not been ashamed of head since 6th grade, and i been going in since 7th or 8th.
Im comfident would pass my decent head test. I never really got any complaints, but you know how women are, you cant tell sometimes (faking and all)

I cant speak for men who dont, i do believe there are some die hard West Indians out there that wont, but who knows, i dont fuck w/ dudes so i cant call it

shortybynature said...

I find it very amusing that you wrote a blog entry about this. I use to think that giving head was absolutely disgusting but secretly always wanted to try it but only to a man who actually deserved it. I'm currently in some sort of "situationship" and i found myself giving him head one night and needless to say...i enjoyed it lol. However i do know some guys who dont or no longer give head due to fear,past bad experiences(female had her period etc.)or for their own selfish reasons.

Patron Pay said...

Ah another one of those topics

Ill put it like this

I like to be the BEST at everything im confident of doing....

I never had a problem eating pussy and now that I perfected it (yes i just said that) i dont think ill ever have a problem doing it. I just enjoy watching me have full control over a womans body with one shift of my tongue (turns me on more) cause then i can set in for the kill lol.

Women that dont give head....ha
whats the point in going to red lobster and not eating none of the biscuits !!! Cant be half way on this women. Im not putting my mouth on no female who isnt going to do the same for me thats point blank period.

Far as the last question I still know a guy who is a VIRGIN lol crazy right...hasnt done nothing

miss-b. said...

a little late but i'm new to your blog (which is great, might i add).

head.. lol. i think every girl was, at one point or another, against it. in JHS, my girls and i always looked at giving oral sex as an "ew" kind of thing. i stress, JHS.

now? i cosign what vegas said and i apply it to men too. i usually date guys 23/24+. to me, if you're that old and you're against giving oral, you should be ashamed of yourself. needless to say, i refuse to sleep with a man who will not eat. it's something that i make very clear during the first "sex convo" a person and i have.

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