Now I aint sayin' she a gold digger...

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Now I aint saying she a gold digger
But she aint messing with no broke nigga!!

Yes, Kanye & Jamie Foxx had a great concept when coming up with this song because yes, in this world, what woman (or even man) do you kno wanna be involved with a broke nigga? lol.

Now what is a gold-digger? The world would describe this person as being someone that’s full of greed. Only out for personal gain to get all that they can get from that person of the "baller status". Some of these females tend to "get off" at the man in the club, flashing their cash at the bar just because they can buy them drinks. But what these chicks don’t kno is that most of these guys do this just to get the attention from them. Its basically a two-way street in this situation, guys flash their money cuz they kno the "gold diggers" will flock so they can basically get their own rocks off later that night. So this should make you think ladies… Just as much as you’re using them, they are playing your ass right back.

There was a time when my friends would always sing the infamous chorus of Kanye’s song to me because it just so happened that most of the guys I’ve dealt with had money. But I’m not the type that would go out to the club or wherever to seek out the nigga with the biggest cash roll in his pocket. I’ve actually been in relationships where the guy didn’t have much and was trying to work towards something in his life.

This brings me to my next point… Coal-Diggers. A friend of mine wrote a note on facebook about the whole topic of gold-diggers vs. coal diggers. She believed that coal was a good example because coal may not be that appealing to the eye but coal gets the job down. Coal can keep a house warm, coal can heat up a stove, coal can keep the train moving! And I have to totally agree, money doesn’t appeal to my senses. If you have it, that’s great.

The way the economy is now, you can lose money quicker than you’ve gain it. So, of course, when and if that time comes, a woman should still be willing to stand by her man during that time because yes, hard times will come.

And yes it just so happens that God has blessed with someone who actually on that "baller status" but did I kno this before we were involved? No. And just because I know he’s practically a damn millionaire, would my attitude change towards him? No, because he’s just a regular dude and carries himself that way. And if he were to lose it all today, I'd still be right by his side.

So if you dont have all the "gold" its okay because coal can withstand pressure and with enough pressure, it can become a diamond and in my book, a diamond is worth way more than gold.

I really don’t kno what questions to ask for this topic for you guys. It was just something that has ran across my mind over a conversation that I had a few days ago. But what are your thoughts on it?


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**trucee writer** said...

im LOVING it!!!

maybe its time guys realized that REAL women arent looking to be taken care of. me & aliyah recently started asking men "can you take care of me?", not because we need them too but DAMN, i want my man to be able to take care of yes, i want him to be making money...but im not looking to spend it all!!

kudos fellow writer!!

Patron Pay said...

I just know that there is nothing wrong with wanting someone who had something going on for themselves thats not a crime. I at least want a woman who has a plan for themselves before they met me. Cause if not then shit Im not supporting the both of us cause I have a feeling where your mind has been....

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