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i have a little story to tell that will get a laugh out of you AND lead me into this next blog topic...
i have a friend who was dating a guy for a couple of months and things started getting a little serious. one day she is randomly looking through his phone and sees that there is someone saved in it as "wifey". she approaches the guy with this and his response is....
"ohhh her? thats Wifey (which he pronounced We-Fay), my African friend"
so my homegirl laughs (at him) and goes on to tell him to call her so that she can know that he is telling the truth and his response is...
"it wouldnt make any sense...she doesnt speak english"
yes, yes people...this is a true to life story and it really did happen.

that brings me to my blog topic...
the names that people save people as in their phone...either to deviate a snooping significant other or to remember who they are.

why is it that every male i have talked to has this strange "male trait" to save females in their phone under a special name to remember who they are?? what ever happened to the days of matching a voice or a face to a name. i know alot of people have similar name...but come on now...whats REALLY going on??

some might not yet understand what i mean, so i will give a better example. my co-writer for this blog happens to have a HUGE maybe a dude would save her in their phone as "Big Booty Rita" or "Rita Stallion" or some crazy shit like "Rita BA (as in Big Ass)...sorry you dearly but your ass is huge!!!

where did this crazy tradition of the nickname transpire??
because i am honest on this blog, i will admit that i have put a few codes in my phone to remember who some people were...but they were not nearly as drastic as some of the things i have seen!!! If i meet someone at, lets say, Strata...i use to put in my phone (Arthur STRATA) and thats pretty much common sense. I looked through a male friends phone and saw all types of asterix and exclamation points and im just lost as all hell!!!
what does it all meaaaaann????????????

so, because this is not such a large topic, ill break my questions up for the sexes...

Guys (feel free to answer anonymously as to not 'blow your cover'lol):
What codes for females do you keep in your phone? Any special symbols or characters that differenciate the 'hoe' from the 'housewife'?? What made you start using specific codes or different names for people? (that is if you do)

Ladies (you can answer anonymously too):
Being that ive seen this done more with males...have you ever discovered any codes in a phone? What do you think you may be saved as in some guys you know phone?? Do YOU keep special codes for the guys/girls you meet??

Both Sexes:
Ever saved someone under a completely different name (i.e. your side boo Tracy being saved as "T Dot" or "Trey")???


*Ms Simpson*


Vegas International said...

I dont do anonymous! lol

anyone who puts "wifey" in their phone is berzerk!

anyway, the codes in the phone are needed, because you cant remember everyone you meet, and you never want to assume anyone is more important than another.

I wont disclose what codes i have, but i will say that the codes help remember, its not a science but it workds for me.

I am someone who adds about 45-55 contacts to my phone month. Its impossible for me to remember everyone, especially since i may or may not see that person again for weeks if not months!

Most everyone gets nicknamed, b/c it helps me remember who you are. Even if i know you or after we get to know each other 90% of the time you stay saved in my phone under whatever i nicknamed you.

JusLoveBNMe said...

First I'd like to say, I'ma hurt you seriously for using me as an example in this blog LOL.

But anyways...

I necessarily wouldn't call them codes. Its more of a use of nicknames to remind me who the heck that person is because I have a horrible habit of looking in my phonebook, seeing someone's name and wrecking my brain tryna figure out who that person is cuz the name & number just doesnt ring a bell.

In my previous days at Hampton (sinister laugh), I had a HUGE file of numbers in my phone & yes I used nicknames because its eitha a name I gave them for that time being OR it was a nickname they had for themselves (i.e. their line name). And being that at Hampton, alot of folks had the SAME NAME so you had to change it up a bit to separate them.

I believe it has just became a common thing to everyone (yes, especially males) to keep a better handle on the contacts on their phone.

Shoot, my boo & I even have this DNA (do not answer) list for those who just dont understand the words "leave me the fuck alone" LOL

**trucee writer** said...

you are a different story because tons of people give you their number everyday for several different reasons. that goes with your line of work. is that something you did before you started promoting though? how do you differentiate b/t "business" and "pleasure" just being nosey now...i know lol

**trucee writer** said...

you know DAMN well you're a good example homie!!! (but im sorry if you really are upset lol). I feel you on everyone having the same name smdh...and that DNA list is hilarious...may have to start one of my own

aliyah said...

LMAO!!!! This is my first comment and also my story...that was so many years ago...y do you still remember that?!? FYI I saw him on the bus the other day...I have to direct him to this blog entry.

Speaking on nicknames in the phonebook...I havent seen that in a while. I would hope that a MATURE man would not need to do that, but you know those are hard to find.

Speaking on my most current "situation", my first and last name is in his phone...oddly enough we have the same last name (how funny is that?!?), but he KNOWS exactly who I am/vice versa. I think females get caught up on names/titles just as these men create them...but I'm perfectly content with reference to the name given to me at birth and it suits us just fine ;) You, knowing the "situation" wouldn't you say so?

**trucee writer** said...

Aliyah, i used this story because it was hilarious AND because it gave me the idea for this blog.

Mature or not, some men/women just need to use nicknames because they cant keep track of everyone in their phone. As long as its some initials or the name if the place i met them then all those other random nicknames are a NO GO to me personally.

As far as your "situation"...yes, it suits you perfectly fine...maybe the last name thing worked out in your can always be you even if he gives you his last name lmao.
he "KNOWS" you huh?? i hear that...even saved as just your name you got a brother KNOWing who you are? i hear that! same way over here! hehehe

Nova while away in L.A said...

i dnt got nuffin to hide...i put everyone name in my contact list...if u start snooping, you gon find what u looking for.....the door

[$ H A R O N A] said...

i know this dude who had this chick in his phone under "michelle hummer" and i was like "wtf?" he was like "oh cuz she likes gucci mane's freaky girl., ya know the part when he goes then you get some brain the front seat of the hummer..." then i just gave him a *blank stare*


Patron Pay said...

LMFAO when i first heard that story remember I was in tears

I did what you if I met someone from a club or whateva I would put for example Lisa from mars = Lisa (2112)

Or if I met a girl from the street....Janet from downtown bk = Janet DTBK

Yea thats the just of it....nothing code name or special....I would never name no girl after a dude or anything cause it would be weird if I picked up my phone in front of my partner or anyone for that matter talking or some crazy sexual speaking and shit then they ask me who it is and I be like "oh its my nigga Sam" and they look at my phone and it says SAM knowing its short for Samantha lol

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