Foolin' Us With Trickery

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so, a topic came up between my homegirls and myself. we were disussing males in general...and then we got to the topic of having sex with someone for the first time. somewhere within that convo a friend bought up the fact that alot of males do this crazy switch up after they "reach their goal", for lack of a better term.
Its a wide spread epidemic...the guy who is extremely sweet and flattering and does and says whatever he needs to say to get in them draws!!! You get phone calls, texts, chill, spend time, go out, crack jokes...all so that these guys can "reach their goal".

Finally one let your guard down. So here you are, sitting there next to each other knowing what is about to go down and fully aware of what you're about to do. Everything starts off normally and then things get a little hot & heavy. You're not thinking anything of it because you've made this guy wait months to even smell your scent & he still stuck why would he change up now...right? riiiiiiiight. What was supposed to happen...happens and you head home with the inevitable thought of...
what now?

things gradually start changing...

the same guy that used to go out of his way to speak or say something sweet...suddenly stops hitting you up. all the extra things that used to be done are now a thing of the past. the "nice guy" quickly becomes the "bad guy".

let me insert these very important words in this paragraph...i am a firm believer that MOST women, if not all, can get dick from anywhere. Excuse my bluntness in that statement but i didn't know how else to put that because if you're a female who has a pussy and showers daily...then you're good as far as finding a dude to sleep with. I'm NOT saying go sleep with any and every guy...just supporting a statement with facts.

So, what is it about pussy that makes guys fall back after the fact? I'm thinking that if a guy waits that long for sex, he'd want it more than once. That switch turns females off (or maybe thats just me).

Personally, i'm more appreciative of honesty. If you're just trying to have sex, say that...not saying it will happen but at least there would be no lies, assumptions or miscommunications. Im all for the thrill of the chase...but why do all that when all you want is ass? There are plenty of "ladies" willing to give ass up quickly (& they make themselves know most of the time)...

I guess our real question was why do guys give off the appearance of actual interest when it is really about sex. Especially if we as females bring up the fact that they dont feel like dealing with the dude who's only around for ass. Especially if we as females show a general interest in the guy. There are females who put themselves out there as a "sex toy"...why not do this with them and leave the girls who want more than sex to the guys who want more than sex?

Just some thoughts that my girls and i had...another thing that made us go hmmmm lol

What do you think???


JusLoVeBNMe said...

Well, in my opinion, I can't really speak for the guy in this situation because I dont kno whats going on in their heads. Shit, none of us do (if we did, i think the world would be a better place lol). Which is why alot of females get hurt. Some guys like the chase of dealing with a female who may not be giving it up as easily. Some are just assholes & dont give a shit if feelings are hurt.

I just dont understand why waste all that time if thats all you want. Be upfront with what you wanna do. FWB (Friends with Benefits) or whatever the case may be... I believe alot of drama could be controlled if both were on the same page.

Vegas International said...

i can never answer all the questions you have in your blog!!

so ill answer these four!

"I'm thinking that if a guy waits that long for sex, he'd want it more than once."

I cant speak for all men b/c dudes are different. I personally HATE waiting for Pussy, call me what you want, but i think upon seeing me you should want to give me the draws! maybe thats just me! lol

"why do guys give off the appearance of actual interest when it is really about sex"

Guys show interest b/c they are interested, but yall be expecting too much for the pussy sometimes. If it was casual keep it casual, yall want to wait 3 months to give us pussy and then expect to be fuckin us 5 times a week, how about we make you wait 4 months till you fuck us again.

"i am a firm believer that MOST women, if not all, can get dick from anywhere"

THATS ABSOLUTELY TRUE!! WOMEN FUCK WAY MORE THAN MEN! Real niggas know yall find a replacement 10 times quicker then your male counterpart!

"i'm more appreciative of honesty. If you're just trying to have sex, say that"
Really? thats how it works? So when a woman only wants money from a dude, she says, "hey i really dont like you or want to fuck with you, all i want is your money?" Didnt think so,Its a dance, we all do, but women always complain about their dancing shoes hurt!


*God's Gift* said...

Serita, yes girl...dudes can say FWB and we would know what they mean. I mean, we're all grown right? whats wrong with the truth.

Vegas, i agree w/ some points and disagree with others. you stated you "HATE waiting for pussy" which means that if you do choose to wait for it (im assuming from your statement that you normally dont have to)...but yeah, if you do wait for it then doesnt that mean you felt it would be worth the wait? and if you "HATE" waiting for it so bad...does that mean you've never waited for pussy before? or after that first time having to wait and realizing how much you "HATE" doing so...have you never waited again after that?

i agree with your second point (a little) as far as women expecting too much for pussy...but what is too much? wanting to get to know a guy? wanting some time to pass before we spread our legs? curious to know what too much is? lol

Third part we both agree on so...

Your fourth answer kind of throws me off some, being that i think using someone for money and wanting to have sex with someone are on two different sides of the spectrum. "Its a dance, we all do, but women always complain about thier dancing shoes hurt!" well, to me, it just goes form a guy complaining he's not getting a woman complaining about her dancing shoes hurting...both parties have complaints. maybe some females just feel like they're getting too old to still be dancing...and that the truth wastes less of peoples time *shrugs*

who knows? i dont have all the answers, might noe have any...just responding.

Patron Pay said...

lol this topic is so funny....
what you dont realize Tanya is...
FEMALES are the same exact way...

Everything starts off good...
The calls...the texting...the dating...the small lil kisses here and there....the flirting and physical contact....then what you females call "our goal" is reached...then what ???

Not all guys are the same just as well as all females are the same. How you know that when that happens "the female doesnt like the sex and wants to back out" or "the female says well that was fun now on to the next guy" or "the female just decides to go gay on a nigga". So many out comes and you base it on the guys...

Guys feed off a woman's energy. Imma be bold and come out and say I know when I can have sex with a female. I can read it in her every move and posture. When I know I "cant" have a woman it makes me more attracted to them cause I know they appreciation and respect for themselves. Not saying if I get it the first day or second that they dont but I know if a female will make me work for it I will damn sure stay to see what else she is about. But not all men are the same I said...maybe there are some guys in the world that just want to fuck everything moving....maybe there are some guys that just want a real relationship.....maybe some guys just love the chase and when its done its not fun to them no more.....maybe there are some guys that just like to watch there life evolve.

I honestly dont know any guy that is going to go out there way for months without sex unless its religious reasons or they arent into sex (RARE). Maybe he gave up cause the sex wasnt what he expected (that shit is the worst when that happens trust i dealt with a girl who I actually waited oddeee long to finally get her and the sex was BORING !!!!!!!!!!!!!)

IDK just so many answers for this topic
So ill just say Im not going to waste my time dealing with someone for so long and back out after sex just cause I got the pussy. Makes no sense....I aint gonna wait 4 months til christmas to get a xbox 360 and then go buy a playstation 3 DEC 26th.....hell no imma invest in that XBOX 360 and get me some damn games lol

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