Cheating...Part 1 (yes, there have to be parts for this)

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I have plenty of friends who have been cheated on...and plenty more who have cheated. some of them feel like the things they did, did not constitute cheating...while others knew they were dead wrong for what they had done.
...i even have met a TON of guys who feel like they didnt cheat bc they had an arguement with their woman/man and didnt speak for less than a day, so they felt it was ok to do them...and then said they didnt cheat because them and their mate werent together for those few hours (still havent gotten a grasp on that one...bc if we havent mutually decided that we arent together, an arguement does NOT justify cheating)

then that poses the question of what exactly cheating is. when is it considered cheating? what things constitute a cheater?

most people have this odd thought in their head that cheating is ONLY when you actually have sexual intercourse with another person.
NO NO NO NO NO!!! You've GOT to be kidding me!

Cheating can relate to sex (oral, anal, vaginal), kissing, sexual touching, spending time...all of that. yes, giving someone else your intimate cheating. i personally would be more upset if i found out my significant other was spending time with another woman, rather than just fucking her. spending time means your heart is cheating on me...fucking means its just your dick thats cheating...and in a relationship...your heart would mean way more to me.

i think men and women cheat differently honestly. men usually always go for the sex...for whatever reason. as women will go for the time (usually time and attention they arent getting in their own relationship).

To me, they are both wrong but do other people consider spending time with someone else and gaining an intimate interest in someone else cheating?? would you be more upset if you found out that your mate was having sex with someone else? or if they were spending time with and getting to know someone else on the level that they know you??



Ericka Speaks said...

I think cheating can be emotional, physical, and sexual. Cheating can come in the form of sex and/or sexual contact (kissing, caressing, stroking, etc). Cheating can also be emotional (allowing yourself to develop feelings for another individual, spending time with other people, i.e. dating, entertaining a male or female that you know has feelings for you).

I think where the issue lies, is men and women have different definitions of cheating.

I agree with you, I would be more hurt if my man was developing an emotional connection with another female as opposed to have a sexual encounter. Not saying I wouldn't be pissed if my man had sex with another woman, but with emotional cheating, he would be taking part of his heart away from me and sharing it with someone else. Not cool....

M.A.S.E said...

Once a female gets involved on any level with a amle or female whether it be emotional, mental or physical it's cheating. With guys I think it's when they treat another girl the way they treat they're girl or maybe better not when it's physical because are gonna fuck othe females forever thats life. Nova out.

PM said...

Yeah, some people (men & women) wouldn't consider spending with someone who you are interested in cheating, but I do. To me it's a form of mental/emotional cheating. As you said, if he's just fucking her ... yes, it'll hurt but much less than him actually giving her that quality/bonding time that only him and I are supposed to share.

Most of the time, men cheat merely for greed. It's almost like they have an innate desire for women in abundance. Their egos allow them to cheat to. It's so silly to me, but sometimes, they wanna see if they "still have it". What the hell is that about? On the other hand, women cheat for more emotional reasons. Most of the time something is lacking (love, attention, availibilty, etc)in the current relationship -- which they end up seeking elsewhere.

I know those were my reasons for cheating in the past.

Anonymous said...

cheating is the same for both sexes..cheating falls under mental, physical and emotional. cheating mentally is thinking more about being with another male/female rather then the one ur wit at the moment. that is cheating because you arent giving all your time to just one male/female. physical uh duh is cheating when u are messing with another male/female as u are in a relationship with someone else.. emotionally is cheating because u are lying to the other person by telling them ur having feelings for them when u really dont.
no form of cheatin is go0d or singling out a particular sex.. point blank.. cheaters usually turn into liars.. cuz as u are cheating u are obviously lying to the person ur wit n even lying to urself to belief that u arent cheating.

Vegas International said...

So by your definition i should fuck mad bitches, but dont talk to them??

So i cant talk to other women, but its ok for me to fuck em??? hmmmm, GREAT!!

Vegas International said...

ohhhhh, and to answer your question.....

Cheating is doing whatever you told your significant other your not doing or not going to do.

Patron Pay said...

I consider cheating giving someone that isnt your partner your physical, emotional input, and mental control. YES kissing, sex, oral and touching is cheating !!!! YES telling someone else you love them, cuddling with another, spending time out ya relationship and giving someone your heart outside of the physical is CHEATING !!! BUT here is that other your mental that belongs to your partner is def a form of cheating. For me to sit her and be with one girl as my woman and to be thinking about another girl is def a mental thought of cheating cause thats actually where cheating starts from......

Cookie said...

i believe that sex, gettin to know someone, or quality time. counts as cheating but when he cheats with his heart it hurts a lot more because sex with men is physical but when he spent money and time on the bitch damn that hurts.

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