should he REALLY put a ring on it?

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Cuz if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it
If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it
Don’t be mad once you see that he want it
If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it

This is a song that FROM DAY ONE has annoyed me to the pit of my soul. I've had many debates with my friends about this song because yes, the public has truly ruined this song for me.

Now on with the topic at hand...

We all know the routine, we all know that if he liked it he should of put a ring on it and perhaps he is tight that somebody else got it…but let’s be real here ladies. Not every song plays to your favor, once again we have an anthem that convinces EVERY female that they are worthy of something that most aren’t. Most females truly believe they are a total packaged deal & ready to be snatched off the shelf with no assembly required.

They need a quick reality check...

However, the previous (or current) may not have "put a ring on it" because certain things must be in place before a MAN pops that question. Ironically, in life all those things will never be in place at the SAME time, so it is up to you to determine when is right. That does not mean putting a time limit on your relationship ladies with a pressured expiration date…some relationships stand no grounds for marriage & it’s pretty obvious when it doesn’t stand a chance.

So before dropping down low & sweeping the floor with it… turn & ask why he didn’t put a ring on it? Take a look in the mirror & ask yourself am I marriage worthy? Understand that there is no such thing as PERFECTION and if that man loves you unconditionally & you feel as though you can grow old with this person, then maybe you'll be worthy of that ring...

Personally, I dont think I'm perfect and I believe the reason why I strongly resent this song is that females are running around in the clubs or wherever they are, singing this song thinking its the GOSPEL. Okay I understand Beyonce is tryna throw it in her ex's face (whomever he is) that Jay-Z has put a ring on her finger. Much kudos to her. I'm happy for her. But it doesn't give every woman on this earth the right to prance around and think they need to sing this song when in most cases... THEY DONT EVEN HAVE A RING ON THEIR FINGER!

(and in another sense, she's stating all the single ladies... that should tell you something also. If you shouting this song AND you're single... You need to re-evaluate what went wrong in that relationship & try not to do it again)

I know it seems like I was ranting and raving but this has just been a topic on my mind and being as though I'm NOT single.. I can't really relate to this song.. lol. I'm sure one day the man I'm in love with will put a ring on it but i'm in NO rush. If its in God's plan for it to happen... It will.

What's Your Opinion on it?

*Miss Sophisticated*


Vegas International said...

i agree 100% ....

She said it best ... If i wanted it, i would have put a ring on it .. i guess i didnt want it that bad! Its annoying to me too! lol


M.A.S.E said...

You're not single?

Well anyway, actually this song was written by The Dream as a subliminal diss to Lil' Wayne and Nivea. Nivea divorced Dream for Wayne and Weezy claims that he loves her more than anything and he shows that by getting a groupie pregnant. So The Dream is saying if you like it then you should a put a ring on it (like I did) and now that she's single....PUT YA HANDS UP. The "Uh Uh Oh Uh Uh Oh Oh Oh" part is him laughing at her like Uh Oh....your plan didn't work Nivea. I could go on and on but listen for'll see.

MsSimpson23 said...

couldnt agree with you more girl...even though im single! i still thing people are getting the wrong message of this song...especially those without rings...

i still love singing it and dancing to it in the club tho!! shiiiiit :-p

Anonymous said...

beyonce is playing with these chicks feelings right now. happily married and making MILLIONS and got you girls singin to dudes who probably did have a ring for you but found out some trifling shit you did!!! feel meeee?

Fab4 said...

I totally agree with you!! For anonymous, I so don't feel Beyonce is playing with anyone's feelings...If they strongly believe this song applies to them, more power to them!! Its very true when she says "If you liked it, then you shoulda put a ring on it" because you men do have the nerve to get upset, start calling, texting & showing up all of a sudden once you see or hear were with the next dude. However, I've come to realize this reaction has nothing to do with feelings, it has all to do with the male ego...You guys could be happily married but still get disgusted when you see your ex with the next man, SMH

Miss Dior!!

Patron Pay said...



Im not putting a ring on anything i "LIKE"

Im going to be in love and really consider this girl being my soul mate then imma put a ring on it. All these foolish girls are still listening to the part of the song where it says "SINGLE LADIES".

If im in love with her im going to out a ring on it....if its gods plan

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