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First let me apologize for the pause in entries but school has just begun and i am on the grind like nobodies business...had to get my schedule and classes straight. They are all together now so i'm good to go...and great to write lol

Had an almost deep convo with a few male friends, that will probably never get finished...but it made me want to get into the heads of my blog family!
We were talking about the things that we would want in our mate. I used to have this convo allll the time, i even gave my answer when the blog Real Women, Real Talk posed the question....but i think it has changed since then, which is crazy bc that was not that long ago. I just recently finalized a break up with someone so maybe thats why but i dont know. Life works in weird, off the wall, surprising ways so it may not even be the end to that situation and relationship but as of right now...it did change the things i'd want in a mate. Not so much because of him, but because i'm just seeing things differently and looking through a different pair of eyes....

What i Want in a Man is:
-Someone who makes me laugh even when i dont want to. The only time i dont want that to happen is when i am wanting to be taken seriously because it only angers me when people crack jokes when im genuinely bothered by something.

-A man that knows my moods like his own and responds to them accordingly. For example, i am a spoiled brat...my mood goes two ways with that though. I am either being spoiled and whining a little for some attention, or i'm just being a plain old bitch because well, its part of my attitude. When i am just being a big baby (everyone has their baby moments, dont judge me lol), i want a man who will see that, give me the 5 mins of attention i want, and most likely deserve, and then we both go about our day. If i'm being a bitch, i want a man that will put me in my place without being a dictator or control freak about it. Trust, to me there is nothing sexier than a man that can lay down the law without making me feel like his child or like he owns me. There are ways to do it...i'm just saying what i want tho, i'm not giving up the advice and ways to do it also. In that case, i'd just date and fuck myself lol.

-I want someone who has a rough side to them. No, not like an ax murderer rough side but just someone who has seen both sides of the world and can relate to either one. They can be themselves around the fellas and then STILL be themselves around business professionals bc they hold and can carry both those sides of their personalities.

-I NEED a man who is willing to recieve AND give without it being an issue. I am an extremely giving person and it takes little simple things to make me feel as if that is appreciated. Shit, i'll take hugs, kisses, little silly notes, things being made for me...anything that makes me feel as if i am a valued part of your life because well, if i'm not...then i shouldn't be a part of it.

-COMMUNICATION...i want it, need it, dream about it at night (lol) Ok ok, maybe not the last one but it is key to ANY relationship! I have no problem telling my significant other my whereabouts when they ask or saying who i with because i have nothing to hide. I used to cheat but i dont anymore so whats wrong with answering a few questions here and there. I want a man that doesn't feel like communicating with me is a chore, or some type of "reporting" back to me. Trust, i have no desire to know anyone's every move because that's just crazy. I will ask every once and a while where you are or who you're with but its not to keep tabs, it's only bc well, sometimes i'm just nosey and those are regular ass convo questions, u kno?

-I would like to date someone who completely holds me down, no matter what the circumstances. I dont know about other people because everyone has their own agendas, but i wanted to be married young so that i could have kids young and be able to live my life with my husband for a bit, have our kids and then enjoy the rest of our lives as a family. I just turned 24 and most likely expect to be with someone for at least some years before an engagement or marriage so its not like im rushing to do anything TODAY...i just had a plan in my head...doesnt have to turn out that way, it's just something i thought about and would be happy if it worked out that way. I say all that to say, HOW am i going to call someone my husband who NEVER has my back. I need someone who loves me no matter what anyone else has to say. That will defend me when they KNOW people have the wrong idea or misconception of me and not be afraid to do it. Most ppl dont realize that if you have friends, that are true, genuine friends, they will be there regardless of anything else going on. If they dont like who you are with and befriend you for it, they werent shit to begin with. My friends have had problems with exes...even my family has, but if i felt strongly enough to say i loved them, then i'm going to defend any misconceptions or judgements anyoen has. I've done it in the past and still have the same family and friends...never mattered...i hold my mate down no matter what. Even when i'm mad, i have their back...so i expect the same.

I have alot more things i can get into but they are ALL so detailed and i'm curious to know what my readers want from their mate! Everyone is different and we all want different things so...
What do YOU want????????


Reggie said...

Everything I have in a man.....:)

**trucee writer** said...

i hear THAT! oooowwww

BeastMo White said...

very interesting check out the male version...


**trucee writer** said...

i appreciate your advice and the following of this and my myspace blogs (which pretty much tells me who this is bc u have to be my friend to see my myspace blogs lol) but anywayz...yes, thank you for your opinion. Please dont get offended by this but the point of my blog was not for advice, nor to hear anyone's opinion about my past and future...but to get an answer about what YOU want out of a relationship.

Buuut, since you are following my rants and raves...no, the break up wasnt final and im far from ashamed OR embarrassed to say so because well...i love this man. At this point i'm doing what i need to do for myself and aslong as i'm not depressed or in love alone...
If you actually read my blog you would have seen this quote:

"I just recently finalized a break up with someone so maybe thats why but i dont know. Life works in weird, off the wall, surprising ways so it may not even be the end to that situation and relationship but as of right now...it did change the things i'd want in a mate. Not so much because of him, but because i'm just seeing things differently and looking through a different pair of eyes...."

I even said myself that its not certain the situation or relationship was over. The examplle was given to lead into the blog about what my readers wanted in their mates bc my wants and needs had changed. He could still be the man to fulfill those wnats and needs and as of right now...he actually is.

I do appreciate the concern though but i'm not sitting at home crying about anything...i'm focused on school and my job and i'm loving this man. There was never ANY contradiction, just a simple change of my heart and mind.

**trucee writer** said...

well, i wont continue going back and forth about this. After i say what i have to say, i'll be accepting comments about the blog...but none about my personal life cuz well obviously, ppl are just damn nosey (all in my myspace AND blog lol...now thats a TRUE "follower")

I wont even address the person who wrote me bc well...they aren't important. Anyone who knows the man wants to be Ms. Patron Pay...i, myself, am aiming to be Mrs. Buckley (if half these girls even know his last name).

Ladies, why do females always feel the need to hate on ur shit when you have something good? i mean...damn! i understand tho...i'm the epitome of what alot of women want to be and strive to be like. i'm honored by it too (alot of ppl dont know im a cocky bitch cuz most forget to be humble in their daily routine lol)

whatever me and my baby go thru, ill make sure to keep to myself from now on bc obviously i am being stalked by someone who wants to be in my shoes. man, i love attention...i guess ppl dont know that hehehe

anywayz...my next blog will be on hating bitches/hoes that always "anonymously" try to ruin someone's shit. Cause well, if they were the "real deal" to someone...i guess you'd be able to show who you were lmao

-Ms. Simpson aka Gods Gift (u aint know!? betta ask somebody bitch!) :-*

peggy m. said...

LMFAO @ Anonymous Stans.



LMAO ...


Tanya, you need to go re-evaluate your Myspace friends list asap homie.

Rita said...

Okay Okay I see the co-writer must step in and intervene.

Lets make this clear from JUMP: This is a RELATIONSHIP blog. We post the most PERSONAL shit that MS. SIMPSON & I go through. Of course others can possibly relate to us and get insight on what they can do to make things better in their lives. SO YES, we do post ideas and topics that relate to the shit we've gone through or currently going through. By NO MEANS, do either of us want to be reprimanded about what we're doing unless ASKED. No one is perfect. I know damn sure my relationship isn't. This is a DRAMA-FREE atmosphere. So take the negativity elsewhere. Thats my sister from another and I'll stand behind her 110% regardless.

So take that nonsense to someone who is willing to listen because us ADULTS have no time for it. This is business and you're interrupting the flow...

-Miss Sophisticated!

Patron Pay said...

People are so miserable. Im very impressed with you guys blog. Keep up the good work and dont let no one ruin your focus.

Far as this loser...GET A LIFE !!!

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