The Symbolism of Swallowing

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Its also been awhile since i've put something up here so I decided to switch up my normal flow of writing about all this lovey dovey stuff to talk about...

Yes, Once again we're introducing this topic to you guys. But I'm bringing it on a different approach. I'm sure that most folks love the act of giving & receiving but there's alot that comes with the pleasure. There's actually an art to it.

I was on my facebook and a close friend of mine had posted a note pertaining to this topic. I thought it was very intriguing because I actually AGREE with alot of the stuff on this list. Now I hope I'm not being too graphic with bringing this up but hey, we're all adults here!

So let's break it down...

It's Tidy
Spitting is, quite simply, messy. Having a paper towel at the ready
can help, but even then, you have a cum-soaked towel to dispose of.
Same is true if he comes somewhere other than inside your mouth,
there's plenty of sticky jizm to wipe up. Just swallow and there's
no muss or fuss.

It's Quick
Even if cum is unpleasant (we have tips for making it much less so),
the fastest way to deal with it is to swallow. Running to the
bathroom to dispose of it or spitting it out on the spot will take
more time, and be less efficient, than just swallowing it.

It Lets the Man Relax
If a man has to worry about coming, feeling that it is an imposition
on the woman or the cause of unpleasantness, it creates tension
while receiving the blowjob. He cannot fully relax, and cannot fully
enjoy his climax. A woman who swallows both puts her partner at
ease. Also, she can continue sucking through the orgasm, "sucking
him dry", which men find both physically and emotionally satisfying.

The Symbolism of Swallowing
In Western culture, swallowing has deep symbolic significance. The
act of swallowing signals acceptance, blessing, and complete
transformation. Imagine spitting out champagne after a toast or
spitting out the wafer during communion. The insult and sacrilege
would be overwhelming. In the same way, spitting out cum is a
symbolic rejection to many men.

By swallowing, a woman indicates complete acceptance. She wishes to
consume, to commune with whatever comes from her lover. As she
imbibes the cum, it becomes part of her, he becomes part of her.
They are joined together in an intimate sacred bond like no other.

It's Polite
To quote one woman: "What sort of message does that convey to
immediately run to the nearest sink to spit? I'm comfortable enough
to get down on my knees and wrap my lips around your cock, but not
comfortable enough to swallow the fruits of my labor? I know I'd be
offended if my boyfriend ran to the bathroom to gargle with
mouthwash after going down on me. So, sure I swallow. It's almost
impolite not to."

It's Environmentally Friendly
Leaving your spunk in public places just isn't right, whether you're
dogging in the park or sucking at the cinema. And wasting tissues and
paper towels destroys trees and adds to our landfill problems.
Swallowing is the ultimate form of enviromentally-friendly recycling.

Very interesting I must say. So I just want to know, what do you think?

[ miss sophisticated ]


BeastMo White said...

well i think everything in this is absolutly funny yet true. very creative.

Hippo_Lee_toe said...

i would have never looked at it that way!

Plus by spitting you get the taste in your mouth way worse! haha

good stuff!

myssmodelstar said...

I agree 100%

yaaay swallowers !! lol

pennerad said...

lol. i think it depends on your emotional attachment to the while it's totally fine to just swallow whatever from whomever, i feel there's an added depth of intimacy that comes from doing it with a person you're really feeling/in love with/passionate about. it makes the experience that much more intense. great post! very informative!

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