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disclaimer: i've been told i was falling off with the blog, so i'm gonna try to keep it a bit more consistent. sorry to those who are faithful readers and commenters. i'm back on my shit.

Communication- the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs

i added this definition because it seems like there is a fine line drawn between the sexes about what this word REALLY means. Personally, i'm excellent at communicating when needing to get my point across, when working on a project, when speaking to a boss or co-worker, or any other daily part of my routine where communication is needed...i'm good at it.

For some ODD reason though...i am not so great at communicating with my own man!! Our words get mixed up, signals get crossed, messages get know its not only me so WHAT IS IT ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS THAT MAKES IT SOO DAMN HARD TO TALK TO SOMEONE?

You could be the best of friends with someone and be able to share anything with them, tell them all your personal business and friends...but once a relationship enters the picture, guards go up and barriers are placed on the communication lines.

Its so crazy to me because i feel like as a couple, there should be nothing that you cant communicate with your mate. Relationships bring so many things into play (i.e. jealousy, envy, pride, miscommunication, trust issues, "rules", its so damn crazy.

Females see communication as something positive that can build a relationship and keep it strong. To us, it helps build and gain trust, helps prevent dumb ass issues caused by miscommunication and at the same time, keeps both parties on the same page.

Males, on the other hand, see communication as a way a female is trying to control them. To them its like telling us what they're doing means they are reporting to us. Like its so bad just to say where you're at or what you're doing. Smdh @ that.

I could be wrong about both parties let me know if i am.

I guess my real inquiry is...why does it seem like when you get into a relationship with someone...the communication fucks up?


Rita said...

Communication is key to any relationship.

I can speak from experience that the guys I used to deal with had a HORRIBLE time trying to communicate with me & of course thats one of the main reasons why we aren't together today. If we can't communicate about basic everyday shit then what do we have?

I'm for one that LOVES to talk. Most say I talk too damn much. Oh well.. thats the way I express myself. THROUGH MY WORDS! And I believe thats why my current relationship is so strong. We talk about basically EVERYTHING. No holding back. And thats how every relationship should be. If you can't talk to the one person that holds the key to your heart then you need to figure out whats going on & assess the problem.

But thats just my take on it...

aliyah said...

communication is certainly key in ALL relationships. In my most current situation, its been difficult communicating w/ him because he's has too much pride. I too am one that can openly express my feelings/views/opinions/etc., but for him it's different. He may feel a certain way, but not know how to express it. I've noticed that alot of it comes from his pride and from being just plain ol stubborn! I've even told him just that and the poor man! He's either not prepared to dish those feelings out...maybe afraid of the outcome, BUT communicating as I said is important and a key factor in making or breaking a relationship. If you're not on the same page, someone is always bound to be confused and it leaves the door wide open for assumptions. My advice to you: maybe try communicating the topic communication w/ your partner and see where the discussion goes from there.

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